Monday, August 21, 2006

Back to 'Office'

It was like Back to Office today – the real office, if I may add.

After the miniscule office at Mohali, it was time to stretch ourselves to the huge office at Chandigarh.

After working in the colossal 250 acre Mysore campus, it didn’t seem like I was going to office at Mohali which was like smaller than even 1 wing of the Mysore’s 1 building and where you didn’t see more than 5 pple at 1 go.

So it seemed like really going to office on coming to Chandigarh office – with the usual buzz, hundreds of people around

Though the actual Infy building is not ready yet, but the Chandigarh operations are being carried out of DLF building opposite the Infy Titanic. Titanic because the ‘concept’ of Chandigarh DC complex is that of a huge Ship – with all the chimneys etc also in place. The DC, may be, symbolizes the Titanic size of the company.

The office inside also has an openly feel to it against the claustrophobic office at Mohali. And the cubicles are also 10 feet long, having a capacity to accommodate at most 7 persons. Though the ‘Titanic’ building follows the same 4 persons/cubicle concept. But these stretched out cubicles are sure a change from the regular ones. On the flip side, I am on the 1st floor and rest of the friends on Ground floor. Also here I am in this 7 person cubicle whereas in Mohali I had the privilege of a corner 2 person cubicle all by myself.

The so called Food Court here is worse than the Food canteen (Court) at Mohali. Actually it is make shift and not a proper one so we can expect some drastic improvements there.

The car, though is much happier here. One, it will not have to travel through the grueling distance in rush hours and encounter 9 traffic lights. It has to stop at maximum 2 crossings. The distance is less by around 5 kms and it can run above 80 speeds - free like a bird. Add to it the basement parking, where it will cool its heels the whole day to get ready for flight back in the evening.


Fleiger said...

7 people per cube? Sounds a bit too much... But then, if 3 people per cube in mysore could generate so much noise, I wonder what would happen in Chandigarh.

Unknown said...

hmmm...aisa karo...ek cubicle apun dono ke liye khali karwa kar rakho...
mini crkt ho jaye...

SiD said...

till now.. its been fine.. only 2 persons in the cube for 7...
oing has been prety quiet ;)

Rakh leya .. saaamne 2 khaali hian.. aa jaao na fer