Friday, August 11, 2006


Some things happen in your daily routine that make you smile – what we can call situational comedy. Thalir once wrote a Blog on some of these funny situations and goof ups in our daily office life.

Starting yesterday and continuing today, I also experienced a funny turn of events.
Ok this is what happened.
I was assigned a task by let us say PM1(Amitabh Bacchan). It was an urgent requirement. I was asked to take the code etc from ML1(Shahrukh Khan). Shahrukh is usually very busy and has loads of work. Whenever there is an issue, everyone is asked by seniors to contact him only. Ok. Now Shahrukh gives me the code etc. This is not the normal setup we usually do. It is somewhat different. As I am setting up the code (right folder, correct classpaths etc), some doubt arises. So I get back to SRK asking about this Doubt.
As usual, he seems very busy. He quickly tells me that the file ‘A’ needs to be modified (which by the way I knew) and to send the file to SE1(Salman) who will do the modifications. I send it.
So the cycle till now is Amitabh --> me --> SRK --> Salman

Now, I have a long discussion with Salman on MSN and then on Phone.
An excerpt:
Salman: Shahrukh had done a similar thing. You can ask him.
Me: (smiling at the irony) He only asked me to contact you.

Salman is not able to provide a satisfactory solution. I try some things myself but to no avail. The problem is at 1 of the 2 places – the server (controlled by Sallu) or the file ‘A’ which has certain settings dependent on the server only.
I try to contact Shahrukh again, but he has left for the day.
As I near my EOD, I finally decide to ask Amitabh Bacchan only.
So it is Amitabh --> me --> SRK --> salman (who has refereed SRK) --> Amitabh.
Now Amit jee has a look at the error.

Me: So this is the error.
Amit jee: I guess u shud ask Shahrukh or PM2(dharmendra)
Me: Shahrukh has left for the day.
Amit jee: it seems dharam phaaji also has gone.
So I also leave for the day, with instructions to contact Dharmendra in the morning.

Next morning, it is Dharam phaaji’s turn to enter the picture.

Amit jee --> me --> SRK --> Salman (who has refereed SRK) --> Amit jee (refers SRK and Dharam phaji) --> garam dharam

He looks at the error. Gives some indicators at what could be the problem. I listen patiently despite knowing where the problem was. It is very advisable to shut up and listen when a more knowledgeable person is speaking, even if you already know what he is saying. Sometime during that listening, you may hear something seemingly inconsequential. You give it a try and yo!!.. it works!

But no such inconsequential hearings came out of our discussion. Now Dharamendra asks me to mail the file to ML2( Kajol)

There is no response from kajol for a long time so I refer back to Dharam phaaji to refer any one else. PM3(Rekha) comes to stage now.

Rekha mails back with Kajol and Shahrukh (again!!!!!!!) in CC.

Kajol meanwhile asks SRK (off the record) to see the issue as he has already done it.

So it is back to Shahrukh.

He contacts me!!
The cycle has turned full circle

Amitabh --> me --> SRK --> Salman --> Amitabh --> Dharamendra --> Kajol --> Rekha --> Kajol --> SRK

Shahrukh now tries to solve the problem – cannot.
SRK: I guess we need to ask Dharam phaaji about this.
Me (pulling my hair): I have already done that.
SRK: ok. Then we need to ask Karan Johar. I will consult with Kajol on this.

Will Shahrukh and Kajol be able to find a solution. Will Karan Johar come into picture. Will Salman be able to get a meaty role in all this.
Will I be able to finish the work????
Watch out this space for the answers!!!!!!!


Fleiger said...

Lage raho, Munnabhai!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Ye sab kya ho raha hai....
now I understand the reason for ur frustrations at EOD...

Advice to Public: Never Ping Bedi @ EOD... :) :)

Anonymous said...

really good narration there :).. but i really wonder will a project ever survive such bureaucracy for much time?? IMO - NEVER.
what was the result in the case you narrated?

SiD said...

the case was finallly solved.. the interface to me was Salman.. but i dont know who all worked behind the scenes... my guess wud be Kajol or SRK