Friday, August 18, 2006

NCERT - Right or Wrong???

As we sat watching CNN-IBN, KT remarked on the new controversy brewing,
"A new one today. The rate at which they are able to find new controversies is amazing".

"What has happened now", asked Akash, cutting salad for dinner.
"Arrey the same news which came in the morning - about changes introduced in the NCERT syllabus", KT elucidated

“Ya.. it was a big headline in newspaper today. What are they saying on TV”, I called out from Kitchen.
“these 2 persons have been invited for the kind of debate – Yogendra Yadav and J.S Rajput”
“Yadav is an intelligent and a sensible person”, I said coming into the hall.
“The whole thing is being politicized again”, KT scorned.
“Rajput is right. All this is politically motivated”, Akash pitched in.
“How can you say that?”, KT asked.
“They have added those Gujarat riots and Ayodhya issue – both anti-BJP points”, Akash answered.
“But 1984 riots have also been included dude!” I countered. “And I guess that was a black mark on Congress rather than BJP”

“But they are focusing mainly on the BJP issues. I am sure the 84 riots will be a small para and the other things whole chapters.”
“How can you say so”, KT also disagreed with Akash. “Yadav says that the new material will be written in a total non partisan manner”
“Yes and not even the first draft of the book is out. Moreover he said that no party, person or community will be mentioned”, I strengthened the point.
“Oh! How considerate”, Akash said sarcastically. “they will mention the year of riots, the place and the reasons for riots. How difficult it is to find out who are the benefactors and people behind it”
“Then let them know. Something wrong was done and some one was indeed responsible. Everyone knows then why not mention in the book” I said, with temper on the higher side.
“But what is the point in teaching children - the next generation about such riots and all. We should forget the past and move forward”, Akash said sensibly.
“Well!!! They ought to know about it. The next generation needs to know what mistakes our fathers and forefathers have made and they were indeed mistakes. How badly such actions affected people”, KT made his point.
“yes! And they also need to learn that such mistakes are not to be repeated ever again’, I agreed.
”But wouldn’t it result in making a unnecessary false impressions of various political parties and communities in the minds of youngsters??”, Akash made a valid point.
“I guess that is why they are not mentioning any particular party or community”, said KT
“But it is easy to find out man!!!”, Akash countered
“The onus is then on the team writing the books then. If they can write it in a way such as it serves the purpose of a learning experience instead of forming a negative or biased opinion against any one, then it will be a positive step.”, I concluded the discussion.

- A previous contoversy involving NCERT and Edcuation Ministry


Amrut said...

Good one dude... I think the revision is a good move... Not a bad one... But we need to wait and watch; are the fears of Akash really true... If they turn out to be true, then it will be a disaster...
Hope so for once, it will not be that...

Mridula said...

Education (and I teach :) needs a major overhaul and not these cosmetic changes. I am unable to make up my mind on this one, though you did a good job of giving the pros and cons.