Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Going at 105

The breeze is wind
The road narrows down
And surroundings blur by..
I am Going at 105..

The fuel burns harder
Giving a foul odor
No.. the meter doesn’t Lie…
I am at going at 105

The steering shakes with excitement
The engine thunders
Making the black clouds Shy
Yes… I am Going at 105..

The mind is blank and eyes focused
The muscles are hardened
But the soul ready to Fly
Oh… I am going at 105

P.S: A tribute to my 17 year old Maruti 800 which I forced to touch 105 km/h for a good 30 – 40 seconds while going back from office last evening.


Unknown said...

"Sade naal resan"

Fleiger said...

105 in a Maruti 800? She must have literally flown...

Amrut said...

Awesome hai kaake... Maaza aa gaya poem sun ke.... Sahe hai...