Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Well.. I have also been tagged... for the first time...
though I understood what it is but wud really like to implore further..

Regarding this particular blog.. I have been tagged by Amey

Now What is this about...
I have a set of Questions (from Amey)..
now I run my playlist on Shuffle.. and as an Answer to each Ques I put the song being played(which is ofcourse random through the list)..
the Answer song may be absurd.. but some of them seem like perfect answers...

so here they are.....

1.How does the world see you?

24x7 i thnk of you!!! - 36 china town

Oh!! So everybody thinks of me 24x7.. cool.. I am flattered..

2. Will I have a happy life?

tere naaam humne kiya hai... jeevan apna saara sanam – Tere Naam

how can I be happy if I have done this????

3.What do my friends think of me as?

ladka bada anjaana sa hai - KKHH

my friends would know better ki why I am so Anjaana sa.. and baigana sa!

4.Do people secretly lust after me?

ladki kyu .. na jane kyu…. ladko si nahi hoti… - Hum tum

hahahha… what an answer by Winamp….

5.How can I make myself happy?

ishq ne tere .. ishq ne...kar diyaa diyaaa bekhabar!! - ahista ahista

less chances I can be happy – again as in Q2… Love comes accompanied by its opposite - Happiness

6.What should I do with my life?

khoon chala... badan se tapak kar.. - RDB

I am the power…. I will change the world.. carry onI???

7.Will I ever have children?

maahive mohabataan sachiyan ne... - kaante

mohabbatan sachiyan ne..The love is true… then why the stupid Ques…

8.What is some good advise for me?

hum na samjhe the... bat itni si.. khwab shhesshe ke duniya pathar ki.. Gardish..

never heard of the song before.. but it says a philosophical line – “Khwab Sheeshe ke.. Duniya pathar ki.” Dreams is like a brittle glass and the world is a big Stone.. they will never let you live your dreams..

9.How will I be remembered?

masti ki paathshaala - be a rebel!! - RDb

ok.. I will be remembered as a rebel… I don’t mind… cool with me!!!!

10.What's my signature dancing song?

mere khwaabon mein jo aaye.. aa ke mujhe ched jaye – DDLJ

‘ussse kaho kabhi saaamne to aaaye….’

11.What's my current theme song?

dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana... – Phool aur Kaaante..

agar saaaamne aaye(Q10) to dheere dheeere se aaye… taaki zor ka jhatka dheere se lage!!!

12.What do others think is my current theme song?

pyaar to hona hi thaa.... - pyaar to hona hi tha

pple are already thinking that saamne aaa gayi!!

13.What shall they play at my funeral?

maine dil se kaha dhond laana khushi.. na samjh laya gum , to yeh gum hi sahi...- Rog

ppl will be sad at my funeral… should not be… it should have been a tadak bhadak gaana..

14.What type of men/women do I like?

nach baliye.... - b&B

The dancing and singing one - Rani Mukjherjee kinds… infact any will do!!

15.How's my love life?

tadap tadap ke tune.. HDDCS

hahahaha…. Again a very intelligent reply from Winamp.


Fleiger said...

Seems we are similarly doomed in love and life ;)

Jor ka jhatka was good one... And any reason why people should think that the jhatka already happened? You know... no smoke without etc etc.

Amrut said...

Do people secretly lust after me?

ladki kyu .. na jane kyu…. ladko si nahi hoti… - Hum tum

Beta this was the best... I dont know what you make out by this... Orientation etc etc.... Kuch khanka!!!! he he he...
Hillarious man!!!!
I will also try it tonite....