Saturday, August 12, 2006

Exploitation of Youth by Politicians

My sister got this topic to speak on in her college... and asked me to write penned down a few thoughts...though I really dont believe that TODAY's youth is subject to exploitation.

Something is happening in India today which is quite opposite to the general trend in most parts of the world like Europe, China and Japan.
In such major influential countries of the world, there is a remarkable increase in the average age of the population. India, noticeably is headed in the other direction.
There is a boom in the number of young, educated men and women the country is churning out at present. The average age is going down and the new blood has taken control of the nation’s reins in its hands propelling it further ahead at a remarkable pace.

This factor has resulted in a tremendous improvement of economy, coming of various multinationals, setting up bases in India especially in IT and BPO sectors. A large number of educated youth have gained employment through this and are today standing on their feet, leading an independent life.
But as the number of such ambitious, educated and mature youth is increasing, it is also posing a problem of plenty. With the increasing work force, more jobs need to be created.
More Education institutes need to be opened. And there is a lot left to be done to satisfy this growing power of India.

The role of Government in the development and providing the correct path for these youngsters is very crucial at this juncture. And it indeed is a very uphill task. To channelise such a large amount of energy and doing it effectively is a big challenge and politicians have to act positively and with determination.
But is this really happening??

Are our politicians up to the mark in doing their job. With concentrating on keeping their position safe, they tend to indulge in certain actions which amounts to exploitation. What exactly is exploitation. The dictionary says: Exploitation is ‘Utilization of another person or group for selfish purposes’. And this is exactly what today’s politician is doing. Gaining its benefits on the cost of others. In order to please a set of vote banks, lives of the next generation pioneers of the country are jeopardized. It is made insecure by changes so gargantuan that it is difficult to eat those changes without having a stomach. You have guessed it right. I am talking about the return of Quota Raj – brought to the fore a couple of months ago which suggested a drastic increase in the reserved category seats for higher educational institutes. It beats the basic logic of Merit which has resulted in enormous success of many of these institutes like the IIM’s and IIT’s. Isn’t this a clear case of gaining personal (or political) benefit at the cost of others – in other terms exploitation.
Youth are not as gullible as some selfish people would like them to be. Hence they are not easy votes. This is one of the primary reasons that he is at the receiving end always. That is why
different yard sticks are used when it is a matter concerning the young generation.
Quotas are being implemented for higher education but the primary education is left as it is. This results in a section of people remaining uneducated. If they become educated and well aware of the government roles in their lives, they would stand against it. Hence creating problems for the government. So keeping them ignorant is sometimes beneficial. What is this – isn’t this a greatest form of exploitation.
Such illiterate youth go on and join political parties as workers. Then whenever orders come from above, they are let into the streets where they disrupt public life, burn buses and some times kill people. What for – just because some one said it. They are unable to form a opinion themselves. They are unable to look for a reason for their doings. They are just blindly following some one. This is exploitation.
Student unions in universities and colleges which are formed as a voice of a student have been transformed into a political game field. Instead of sowing the seeds of positive thoughts and progressive ideas, many of these student bodies have become arm of big political parties and the fight for rule extended from state and central governments to student associations. The internal politics, fights which are many a time fought literally with fists and fury defeat the main purpose of having such organizations in educational institutes. Molding young students to their ideology, results in breeding of similar power hungry demagogues of future. Whereas we should be looking at educationally sound, dynamic leaders with a vision for future development.

Today’s youth is a very Aware youth. He is mature and getting increasingly understandable of what is affecting him. With the advent of technology, Internet boom, blogs , hundreds of news channels pouring in news 24/7/365, a youth today is able to form his opinions and more importantly express them in a right way. He has the ability to question the motive and the reasoning behind the logic of actions taken by the government. This increasing awareness is very important both to the development of a person as well as the nation. It will make the workings more transparent and a direct impact of this will be reduction in exploitation – not only youth but everyone. The future is fresh and bright and the onus is on US to mould it our way. For this we not only need to keep an eye on our surroundings but actively participate in the policy making. Only criticizing the politicians is also not correct. We should be a part of them and stand for what is correct - this while being honest and true to heart. Then only we can see the dream of a developed nation come true!!

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