Thursday, August 24, 2006


Sometimes Strange and extra ordinary things happen which forces us to think – how much is there what we don’t know about one of the most complex mechanism found on Earth. We are forced to sit back and ponder over human brain – using the same grey matter.
Is it mere coincidence, or the brain posses’ powers that can transcend thousands of miles and contact other human minds – more generally someone who is close to you.

Has it not happened during pre-mobile era that the landline rings in its usual shrill tone..and u instantly know – it is A or B… you pick the fone..and yo – u r correct!!!

Or does it not happen that you are sitting with friends..and two of you suddenly start humming the same song, wickedly at the same moment.

This is shown many times in movies also.. the one I can remember is Kal ho na ho
I, personally experienced this a LOTTTT of times – I am dialing a friends phone.. it is busy.. I try again.. its busy… after a few moments – the same person calls u.
“Arrey I was dialing ur number only”, u say.
“And so was I”, comes the reply

Or in case of mail… you compose a mail.. send it and a nano second later you see a mail in ur inbox – from that person.

Also in case of happened.. I was chatting with a friend… suddenly, out of the blue both of us wrote – “today the weather is very good..”
The weather talk didn’t come into chat not 1 time before or after this happened.. only once it did and at the exactly same time.

The most recent experience which baffled me.. there was no contact with a friend for a quiet some time. Then one night I have a dream – with me and the friend having a good time.. and next morning I have a message staring in me in face… no prized for guessing who it was…I was like… Whatttttttttt.. How….???

I have come to believe that something is indeed there… Brains do interact at a level – we are unaware of.. in a manner unheard and in a way – unexplored.


Amrut said...

Ya maybe you are right...Our grey cells do possess such powers... They do communicate using Elecmagnetic Radiation... which don't need a medium to communicate... So well it might be... Nice Lingo man!!! Enjoyed it...

Anonymous said...

Which name would you like to give such mode of it telepathy...or something else..

Anonymous said...

You have done a real nice job by writing and thinking about something most of us experience but only one out of thousands like you really think and make an effort to bring it into notice.

Human brain indeed is a marvelous organ. Man consider himself the greatest of all but he forgets about the heavenly supremo who has created all the wonderful and powerful things on earth which man cannot even dare to think about. And one such thing that has been bring forth by u is the human brain.

Yes indeed I agree with you that there is some sort of communication going on between two different people evn whn thy are not connected and are miles apart. I don’t knw whether their hearts are linked or their minds but thr is some sort of wireless connection. There is a subconscious mind everytime working behind the conscious one .

Not only this one strange thing that often happens with me is I often get around situations that I sometimes feel I have experienced them before or I know that this thing was bound to happen. Like it might be a simple gossip going on amongst friends but I sometimes feel that I have witnessed this scene even before. Or when im driving and suddenly my subconscious mind warns me that something bad is going to happen and suddenly I apply the brakes coz cow came in front of my vehicle.

Fleiger said...

Though I don't normally get these kind of experiences, I get a feeling of deja-vu a lot of times. I have freaked a lot of my friends telling them I have been to this place, or that we had the same discussion with same arguments before.

And while we are on the topic, I am apparently 70% pshychic.

SiD said...

@amey.. deja vu... has nothing to do with being physcic or fore seeing..

read this blog on deja vu