Monday, August 28, 2006

i Lay waiting

I lay waiting for it to come
Mind Heavy
And body numb..
I stared at it
And saw what I was going to be...

I saw it in the eyes..
A scary face
But Soothing voice
What was it telling me..
I couldn't make out..

I was taken close to it..
An attempt to go far...
It's voice became clear..
And I knew what I will hear..
An Angel in White covered my head..
And sadly announced.."Brought Dead"


Amrut said...

What is this? Rather why is this?

Anonymous said...

Abbe tujhe lag gaya Rap ka keeda
Eminem (marshall mathers) bhi aise hi likhtaa hai
Beta tu bohat upar jayegaa
Vishesh (donn remember my blogger accnt passwd)

KT said...

hmmm good one....

white angel --- nurse/doctor...

but then whose scary face was that... angel's ??

pata isliey tujhe kaha tha ki poem apne palle nahin padti....

it is something beyond my comprehension...!!

Unknown said...

marr gaya kya?

Unknown said...

"Kya hua? koi marr gaya kya?"

SiD said...

The scary face was that of the person who came to help me..

Its voice was soothing because that persons (who was helping) voice was soothing!!!

bharath mukkati said...

pretty strange and gloomy... wats this man.. cant understand

Anonymous said...

Whatever you have written is good.. well I know u might be confused reading your own creation . You are scared and happy at the same time. But nevertheless it’s a good creation but too early for you to write it J

You are turning out to be a good poet . Keep up the good work ..

All the best J

SiD said...

The It is the Death..
and I am a person... who is dying...
some person come to help me... and take me to a hospital... where I die!!!
this is the story!!! told in this :)